Working Alarms Save Lives

Life On The Ceiling

Fire Safety in the Home

House fires are more common than you may think making fire safety in the home extremely important.

A common response from people, when asked about checking smoke alarms, is that the alarm bleeps when it needs a new battery.  The reality is, at this point, it may not have enough power to operate the alarm correctly.  Additionally, if you are away from your property when this happens, the battery will discharge completely and you will never know it’s flat.  Would you let your car run out of fuel before you re-filled it?

We all rely on the little white box on the ceiling to alert us of danger but we don’t all ensure it is working, rendering it useless.

It’s very simple, a well charged and operating alarm could be the difference between life and death.

We are here to Help

Life On The Ceiling will mail directly to your home two high quality PP9 batteries reminding you it is time to put new life in your alarm.

Do not take the Risk

You may not live to remember that you forgot to change the battery in your smoke alarm.

Offering the gift of Life

Sign up for a loved one. Our service makes a unique and practical gift helping protect the most vulnerable members of your family, both young and old. Simply click on the SIGN UP button for a gift that shows how much you care.