About Us

Life On The Ceiling is the brain child of its two directors Paul and Alex who, as parents, were concerned for the safety of their families in the event of a fire. Paul experienced this first hand, when his daughter was involved in a house fire at a friends home where the smoke alarm failed to work.

Recognising the need for an easy way for households to ensure their smoke alarm batteries are in working order, and are not flat or missing, Paul and Alex developed a low cost, easy to use system which provides replacement batteries, together with reminders for regular testing of the smoke alarm.

New batteries are delivered on an annual basis to homeowners by Life On The Ceiling for customers to replace and test their smoke alarms. This ensures the batteries are never more than a year old and the thus, the smoke alarm is less likely to fail. Paul and Alex have also built in measures which they hope will encourage households to consider fire safety in the home at a general level.